Outback Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Which is the right cover for my BBQ? How to choose the right Outback BBQ cover

You must measure the height, depth and width of your BBQ (when measuring depth please do NOT include the hood handle / control panel).


Can I use butane gas with my recently purchased BBQ?

The manufactures recommend propane gas as modern BBQ’s were designed with propane in mind. All BBQ’s that are supplied with a regulator fit propane only. To convert to Butane you will need to purchase an additional butane regulator.


Can I convert my Outback BBQ to natural gas?

No, Outback BBQ’s have not been designed to use natural gas.


Can I change my flat lid to a domed hood?

No - flatbed BBQ’s have different components and have not been designed to take a hood, fitting a hood could cause serious safety issues.


How do I know the year of manufacturer of my BBQ? Identifying the year of manufacturer on an Outback BBQ

The serial number can be found on the body underneath one of the side shelves or on the leg of the BBQ – the first 2 digits will tell you the year. E.g 10/OBK will be a 2010 model.

For Excel / Omega models this is usually on the body of the BBQ on the front.


Where is my BBQ serial number? Identifying my Outback serial number

The serial number can be found on the body underneath one of the side shelves or on the leg of the BBQ dependent upon model.


Where is the model name of my BBQ?

This will be written on the front control panel – usually to the right hand side. E.g Spectrum, Trooper, Trekker.


Can I convert from flame tamer to lava rock?

Yes (excluding the Omega 150), measure the grill area then go to our accessories section to locate the basket/s to suit, this can be done by looking at the measurements against each lava rock basket. If the lava rock basket is not supplied with lava rocks these can be purchased separately.


How long does Lava Rock last?

This is dependent on use, on average we would recommend every 1 to 2 years as soon as the rocks become small enough to allow fat to drip down on to the burners or when the coals ignite due to fat saturation.


Is the Oval shaped burner interchangeable with the “H” shaped burner on my excel BBQ?

No the Oval shaped burner is not interchangeable with the “H” shaped burner, the fittings are different.


Can I make my 50/50 spilt BBQ into 100% grill?

Yes, go to our accessories section to locate the conversation kit to suit your BBQ. 


Can I make my 75/25 split BBQ into 100% grill?

Yes, please measure the dimensions of the griddle and refer to our grill section to choose the correct grill from the dimensions.


Can I cook with the hood down (excluding Flatbed BBQ's)?

Most hooded BBQ's you can but NOT all, please refer to your user manual.


Can you run an Outback Rotisserie from mains?

No, the rotisseries available to the UK market do not have mains leads. 


What cleaning products can I use on my bbq?

Outback cleaning products/brushes are recommended – please refer to your manual for further information.


The Wooden pieces on my BBQ have discoloured.

You should remove your BBQ cover periodically and dry any condensation on the BBQ and on the inside of the BBQ cover - please refer to your owner’s manual for more information. If you do not carry this out then this can cause damage to the wooden pieces on your BBQ, unfortunately this is not covered under the manufacturing warranty.