Outback Barbecue Cleaning Instructions

Material  Where Used     Cleaning Method Recommended 
Porcelain  Enamel     Grills, Griddles and Hood Enamel is a thin, glass-based coating fused onto metal which needs treating with care. Cooking oil, together with fat from food being cooked can turn to carbon as a result of heating and result in black flames coming away from the cooking surfaces - these are not harmful. Porcelain should be cleaned using warm soapy water and non-abrasive cleaning cloth (Please see 3 in 1 Grill Brush O/BACK31011441) Due to the Weight of the Grills and Griddles we do not recommend cleaning in a dishwasher
Chrome Plated Warming  Rack Wash with hot soapy water. A chrome cleaner may be used if required. To prevent rusting, wipe with cooking oil after rinsing and drying.
Wood Shelves and Inserts Wipe with a cloth wrung out in hot soapy water and dry.
Plastic Paint

Trolley (not shelves) Body
and Utensil Trays

Wipe with a cloth wrung out in hot soapy water and dry. Excess fat and debris can be removed from inside the body using a plastic or wooden scraper. Do not use abrasive cleaners. If rust appears on the body it should be treated with a suitable rust inhibitor and painted with a heat resistant paint.
Galvanised Drip Tray and Foil Liner Excess fat and food debris must be removed using a plastic or wooden scraper. This needs to be carried out between every use of the BBQ. Excessive build up is likely to lead to a fat fire, which can be hazardous and damage the BBQ. This is not a manufacturing fault with the BBQ and is therefore not covered under the terms of warranty.If required the tray and foil liner can be washed in hot soapy water.
Cast Iron Burners Any food debris should be removed on a regular basis. It is normal for rust to form on the cast iron. This can be cleaned using a wire brush. Burners should be removed on a regular basis for inspection and cleaning. They should be checked for general condition and ensure the portholes are not becoming blocked. These can be cleaned with a wire brush and also a pipe cleaner. Care should be taken not to damage the gas valve or ignition electrode when removing or replacing the burners

NB Guidelines only please refer to your own instruction manual.