2020 Hybrid BBQ’s

A new design for the 2020 season, Outback have listened to the feedback from customers who want all the convenience of gas with the authentic taste of charcoal. The Hybrid charcoal briquettes give you just that – the convenience of being lit with the gas burners but the great taste of charcoal cooking.

How to Insert the Hybrid Charcoal Basket

To use your Hybrid BBQ with the briquettes, simply follow the steps below;

1. Remove the cooking grills to reveal the flame tamers underneath.

2. Remove the flame tamers covering half of the cooking area where the basket will sit (the basket is used instead of the flame tamers).

3. Place the Hybrid briquette rack over the burners - it sits on the same lip of the BBQ body which the flame tamers sit.


4. Place a layer of the Hybrid charcoal briquettes in the rack.

5. Replace the grills back over the flame tamers and charcoal basket

How to light the Hybrid Charcoal Briquettes

To light the briquettes, simply turn the burners on high for around 15 minutes until the briquettes start to the ashen grey turn off the burners and the briquettes will continue to burn (much like charcoal). The briquettes will continue to burn without the burners lit so you can cook on the gas BBQ like you would on a charcoal BBQ

What are Hybrid Charcoal Briquettes?

A one-time use briquette made from a mix of anthracite and charcoal which is heat cured inside a kiln to give the consistent cushion shape. Once lit they will burn very much like charcoal does.

Do Hybrid Charcoal Briquettes differ from normal charcoal?

Due to the materials they are made from and the shape they do differ from ‘normal’ charcoal, you should only use the Outback Hybris Charcoal Briquettes on the Hybrid BBQ’s.

What are the features of a Hybrid BBQ?

  • 100% of the cooking area is porcelain coated cast iron grills. The multi cooking surface features a centre circle cut out which can be removed exchanged for a pizza stone, griddle or wok to offer wider range of cooking abilities (each accessory is sold separately).
  • The side table features a wooden chopping board which offers additional preparation space. This chopping board can be removed to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Each Hybrid BBQ will come with one basket as standard; additionals to convert the BBQ to 100% Hybrid will need to be purchased separately.

Which Outback BBQ's are Hybrid models?